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First Steps: a child's Swan Lake
North tour spring 2015
Pre-performance talk
South tour spring 2015
Swan Lake
The King Dances / Carmina burana
Variations triple bill (tour)

Casting for South tour spring 2014

Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe - 20 - 21 June 2014

Unless otherwise noted, performances by Birmingham Royal Ballet are accompanied by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, the orchestra of Birmingham Royal Ballet; leader: Robert Gibbs.

Casting given below is for principal roles; if casting changes are necessary, they will be reflected in the final castsheet which can be downloaded by clicking here.

20 June 2014 7:30 pm  Les Rendezvous  Principal Couple:  Chi Cao, Nao Sakuma
Pas de trois:  James Barton, Arancha Baselga, Tzu-Chao Chou
Conductor:  Philip Ellis

   Kin.  Five Women:  Yijing Zhang, Yvette Knight, Laura Day, Delia Mathews, Samara Downs
Five Men:  Tzu-Chao Chou, Oliver Till, Feargus Campbell, Max Maslen, William Bracewell

   Elite Syncopations  The Cascades:  Samara Downs, Arancha Baselga, Yvette Knight
Hothouse Rag:  Chi Cao, Oliver Till, James Barton, Feargus Campbell
Calliope Rag:  Samara Downs
The Golden Hours:  Arancha Baselga, Feargus Campbell
Stoptime Rag:  Nao Sakuma
The Alaskan Rag:  James Barton, Yvette Knight
Bethena Concert Waltz:  Nao Sakuma, Yasuo Atsuji
Friday Night:  Chi Cao
Piano / Conductor:  Jonathan Higgins

21 June 2014 2:30 pm  Les Rendezvous  Principal Couple:  Delia Mathews, William Bracewell
Pas de trois:  Max Maslen, Maureya Lebowitz, James Barton
Conductor:  Philip Ellis

   Kin.  Five Women:  Nikita Ruhl, Arancha Baselga, Yvette Knight, Reina Fuchigami, Nao Sakuma
Five Men:  Feargus Campbell, Chi Cao, Oliver Till, Luke Schaufuss, Tzu-Chao Chou

   Elite Syncopations  The Cascades:  Yvette Knight, Delia Mathews, Reina Fuchigami
Hothouse Rag:  James Barton, Oliver Till, Joseph Caley, Luke Schaufuss
Calliope Rag:  Delia Mathews
The Golden Hours:  Reina Fuchigami, Oliver Till
Stoptime Rag:  Jenna Roberts
The Alaskan Rag:  James Barton, Yvette Knight
Bethena Concert Waltz:  William Bracewell, Jenna Roberts
Friday Night:  Joseph Caley
Piano / Conductor:  Jonathan Higgins

21 June 2014 7:30 pm  Les Rendezvous  Principal Couple:  Jenna Roberts, William Bracewell
Pas de trois:  Laura Day, Feargus Campbell, Oliver Till
Conductor:  Philip Ellis

   Kin.  Five Women:  Yijing Zhang, Jenna Roberts, Delia Mathews, Laura Day, Samara Downs
Five Men:  Oliver Till, Tzu-Chao Chou, Joseph Caley, William Bracewell, Max Maslen

   Elite Syncopations  The Cascades:  Maureya Lebowitz, Samara Downs, Yijing Zhang
Hothouse Rag:  Tzu-Chao Chou, Oliver Till, Chi Cao, James Barton
Calliope Rag:  Samara Downs
The Golden Hours:  Maureya Lebowitz, Oliver Till
Stoptime Rag:  Yvette Knight
The Alaskan Rag:  Tzu-Chao Chou, Yijing Zhang
Bethena Concert Waltz:  Yasuo Atsuji, Yvette Knight
Friday Night:  Chi Cao
Piano / Conductor:  Matthew Drury

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