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Spring 2014
Summer 2014

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Birmingham Hippodrome
Buxton Opera House
Durham Gala
Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham
Hall for Cornwall, Truro
Sunderland Empire Theatre
The Crescent Theatre, Birmingham
The Lighthouse, Poole
Theatre Royal Nottingham
Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury
Wycombe Swan, High Wycombe

By show

Beauty and the Beast
Darkness and Light
IDFB 2014 Programme One
IDFB 2014 Programme Two
La Fille mal gardée
North tour spring 2014
South tour spring 2014

Cyrano story guide


Scene 1
The Siege of Arras, a month later
Exhausted and starving, the Cadets sleep. Cyrano returns to camp through enemy lines, having risked his life, not for the first time, to get a letter to Roxane. De Guiche orders the cadets to push forward in one hour's time. Cyrano, knowing this to be suicidal, realises it is de Guiche's revenge.

He sits and writes a last letter when suddenly, a coach bearing Ragueneau and Roxane is seen battling its way through the enemy. De Guiche insists that Roxane leave the battlefield, but she refuses. Cyrano tries to give his last letter to Christian, who rejects it.

The Cadets begin their push and Christian asks why Roxane has risked hardship and danger to reach him. Roxane answers by producing a chest full of poems and letters sent during the campaign. Christian realises that Cyrano loves Roxane, and she him, through his words. He rushes towards the battle and is killed. Cyrano in his turn realises that he can never now reveal his love. He plants the last letter on Christian's body and runs towards the fray.

Scene 2
A convent orchard, 15 years later, 1655
Roxane, in perpetual mourning for Christian, lives in private rooms adjoining the convent. Cyrano, who has maintained his silence over his love for her, visits his cousin at four o'clock every Saturday. An 'accident' engineered bu his old enemy de Guiche leaves Cyrano dying, but he manages to make the appointment and conceal his injury from Roxane. He asks to see 'Christian's' last letter, which Roxane has carried faithfully for 15 years, and he starts to read it aloud. In his growing agony Cyrano does not notice the letter slip from his hands but, its contents engraved on his heart, he continues to speak. Seeing this, Roxane realises that the letters were his and that it is Cyrano she has loved all these years. Le Bret and Ragueneau come running. Cyrano falls and dies in their arms.


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