Seaside Rendezvous, March 2011

September Reflections

This piece grew from the FreeFall dancers feelings as they struggled to make sense of the events of September 11th.

It became the first FreeFall dance to be performed, and was recently revived as a film project with Coventry University.

Bren’s Special

Brendan our in-house photographer also plays and writes Rock music. This is his tribute to Freddie, complete with FreeFall slideshow.

Seaside Rendezvous

Inspired by Freddie Mercury, the music of Queen, bygone holidays at the coast, and the saucy postcards of Donald McGill. The Piece is abstract, but hopes to capture some of the many experiences of seaside holidays, from the amusement arcades to the carousel via the ice-cream sellers and fortune tellers.

Dance 1 Dear Friends
Dance 2 Good Company
Dance 3 Lazing on a Sunday afternoon
Dance 4 Who needs you
Dance 5 The Prophet’s Song
Dance 6 Lily of the valley
Dance 7 Millionaire Waltz
Dance 8 Need your loving tonight
Dance 9 Seaside Rendezvous
Dance 10 Dragon Attack
Dance 11 Melancholy Blues
Dance 12 Love of my Life
Dance 13 God save the Queen

Encore: Bring Back That Leroy Brown

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